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special events at tbellphotographic studio


"focal points"


april 17 - may 3, 2015 tbellphotographic studio|gallery will open its third 2015 MoP (month of photography) biennial show, "focal points." the show featured new photographic pigment transfers and assemblages by sharon meriash and terri bell. both artists focused on mostly inanimate subject matter for their presentations, which intuitively symbolized life experiences and memories. the works blended photography and other elements into one-of-a-kind structural art pieces on wood panels. 

"it's all here in black and white (figuratively speaking)"


march 20 - april 4, 2015, the studio gallery presented a juried group show in conjunction with MoP. the show honored the fine art of black and white figurative photography.


denver, colorado, USA is a key city during the world-wide MoP event which celebrates contemporary photography and installation-based media through hundreds of collaborative public events every two years in denver, the region and in other national and international locations during the months of march and april.


juror:  rupert jenkins, executive director, colorado photographic arts center

curator:  terri bell, artist/gallerist, tbellphotographic studio|gallery


artists selected for the exhibit:


jody akers - denver, CO                                          

jason maloney - aurora, CO

george beggs - boulder, CO                                    

jill mustoffa - wheatridge, CO

paul r. bender - lakewood, CO                                

hannah page - thornton, CO

marina black - toronto, ontaria, canada                  

aaron paul - lakewood, CO

michael j. callaghan - san francisco, CA                  

jason paul roberts - highlands ranch, CO

renee reiko campbell - colorado springs, CO          

paul rose - lakewood, CO

pinque clark - boulder, CO                                      

ashlea shepler/leah gose - denver, CO

francis crisafio -  pittsburgh, PA                              

philip thomas waters - evergreen, CO

mark dolce - denver, CO



in addition to the exhibited photographs, 20 images of merit, were selected by the juror as"portfolio [+20]," and 6 images of merit were selected by the curator as "portfolio [+6]:" 

the exhibit catalog is available via, which includes information about the show, artist statements, the juror's statement and imagery from the show. please click the image below to be directed to preview and purchasing options for the book.


"it's all here in black and white: 20x13"


during march and april 2013, tbellphotographic studio|gallery presented “it’s all here in black and white: 20x13,” during the biennial MOP (Month of Photography).  it was an open entry jurored show, with a twist.  a panel of 13 professional artists, curators, gallerists and other notable individuals determined the exhibit.  each juror was presented with the entries submitted from all over the united states, and independently selected the works which he/she deemed the strongest and most interesting.  the “votes” were tabulated and the images with the highest level of juror interest comprise the show of 20 photographs, thus the title:  20x13 – 20 photographs selected by 13 jurors. there were no subject matter restrictions for the show, entries just had to be black and white (or monochrome) and lens-based. the resulting exhibit was interestingly diverse in subject matter, but the common thread of the black and white medium created a strong and cohesive presentation.


curator: terri bell, artist/gallarist, tbellphotographic studio|gallery


thank you to the 20x13 show "dream team" panel of jurors:

sabin aell - artist, photographer, designer, curator/gallerist/owner, hinterland art space

dana cain - owner of dana cain events, curator, art collector

gwen chanzit - curator of modern art, denver art museum

greg fallis - writer, photographer, managing editor of

susan froyd - writer/editor, denver's westword nwspaper

ken hamel - photographer, curator, art collector and director of

sharon gatrell-meriash - photographer, curator and gallery assitant at william havu gallery

tony allen mills - journalist for uited kngdom's sunday times, blogger, photographer

noli novak - artist, singer, illustrator for the wall street journal, photographer

richard alden peterson - commercial and fine art photographer, writer, curator

valerie santerli - photographer, curator, gallerist (evan anderman gallery, rule gallery), 

mark sink - photographer, curator, consultant, teacher and founder/organizer of MoP

brian vogt - CEO, denver botanicgardens


congratulations to the artists with work selected for the exhibit!

​margaret holland adams, baltimore, MD
laura j. bennett, auburn, CA
matt bevirt, denver, CO
susan blake, englewood, CO
sara bobeldyk, denver, CO
eduardo ayarza casero, denver, CO
pinque clark, boulder, CO
kent gunnufson, denver, CO
cameron miller, westminster, CO
nish nalbandian, denver, CO
fritz penning, denver, CO
shannon reed, denver, CO
brad polinsky, centennial, CO
wendi schneider, denver, CO
ned warner, longwood, FL
angela franks wells, ayden, NC
mike whiteley, longmont, CO
ryan wright, boulder, CO



there was significant interest in this show, nearly 480 images were submitted. although only 20 pieces were presented in the gallery. 30 additional pieces received considerable juror interest which were recognized in a second tier of work and included in the show catalog in a section entitled "portfolio [+30]. congratulations to the those artists: 


laura j. bennett, auburn, CA
patrick carr, evenston, IL
alexis clements, denver, CO
vernie croghan, wheatridge, CO
michael darough, williamsport, PA
david dunda, lakewood, CO
tracey freeman, houston, TX
Kent Gunnufson, Denver, CO
Tess Hamilton, Denver, CO
mark c. haskins, apple valley, MN
thomas jones, madison, SD
kitty levis, albuquerque, NM
michael mcginnis, brighton, CO
nedda mostafa, chicago, IL
nishan nalbandian, denver, CO
robert newman, lakewood, CO
michael pointer, wichata, KS
laura phelps rogers, denver, CO
viya rogozina, denver, CO
paulina roybal, aurora, CO
robert schenkein, littleton, CO
wendi schneider, denver, CO
kolby skidmore, phoenix, AZ
angela wells, ayden, NC
byron west, wheatridge, CO

ellen yeiser, castle rock, CO​



the exhibit catalog is available via, which includes information about the show, artist statements, the juror's statement and imagery from the show. please click the image below to be directed to preview and purchasing options for the book.


"it's all here in black and white:"


the studio|gallery presented its first MoP show in 2011. it was a women's, black and white, small works photography show. loretta young gautier was juror and terri bell curated the show


other special events at tbellphotographic:


in addition to the month of photography shows listed above, the studio gallery has curated other shows, including: "time capsule" (2013), "chance" (2012), "is this how i look" (2011) and "is this how i look - the next generation." information and images from these shows can be viewed here.

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